Bound, raped and forced by her 56-year-old uncle, to have sex with him repeatedly, 8-year-old Leah, grew to deal with the trauma and depression internally before he body physically broke down.

At 11, Leah came forward and told the police and a doctor. Due to police negligence and past high school relationships between the police and the uncle, all "accusations" have been dropped and the uncle continues to run the streets preying on other kids.

He held my daughter at knife point, physically and mentally traumatized her. Now her emotions and feelings race as the police, uncle and her father accuse her of lying and making the entire rape up and call her a slut. This is a struggle we face daily.

Your movement is deeper than it appears to the average spectator. Leah has been publicly labeled an 8-year-od lying slut for coming forward in hopes of other kids not getting hurt and going through what she has.

Justice has not been served for so many kids and sadly, it will continue to happen. People get more time for selling drugs than molesting kids. The system believes molesters/rapist can be rehabilitated or they push it under the rug and say the girl/woman is lying while our daughters struggle to live past it.

I am writing you to ask that your movement includes the young girls that have been victimized as well. There is no guidance or counseling provided for the kids that so called"lied" about their rapes. Its a cold world and it takes everything inside of me daily, to even fathom the sick things he did to Leah or the fright and pain she feels as we drive past him in our small town. Sadly, i know many grown men that were victims of sexual abuse and now have to still fight internally to figure out who they are and what there preference is prior to it being forced on them.

I ask that you start a fund to provide resources to kids like her. It could be counseling, events, yoga, big brother/big sister theme possibly. I thank God that I am not in need of anything financially but i couldn't imagine the kids that are and believe you could expand your movement to girls like Leah and working with a college campus to have them create bills for stricter laws to protect our kids. 

I tell Leah daily how strong she is but it feels like it could never replace the fear she feels when we see him in our small town.