My name is Jasmin. I'm from a small town in Texas, I am 18 years old, and this is my story.

When I was a senior in high school I was a victim of rape two months before graduating. The two guys who raped me were very popular soccer players at my high school. I was raped at a high school party. I was not drunk nor was I wearing anything "slutty." No one there that night helped me even when they knew what was going on. When I went to the police about it the whole school found out and shamed me for doing what I thought was the right thing which was reporting it to the police and asking for help. Everyone called me a slut and said I wanted it. That I deserved what happened to me that night for being a slut and that I had ruined two peoples lives because they were not going to be able to attend college. People would write really mean things about me on Twitter about how I "ruined" their lives. That God would not forgive me for what I did. No one ever stopped to think about how my life might have been ruined as well. They had a choice that night, I didn't.

I only hope that my story may in a way bring awareness about how victims of rape are treated like the criminal the majority of the time. How no one ever stops to think that we did not have a choice.

Our rights as a human were ripped from us by disgusting people who did not care about our life or their own to that matter. This is why 80% of rape cases go unreported because we are so afraid of the hate we will receive we do not want to go through more pain than we are already in but it's the correct thing to do and it should not be this hard to do it nor should we be punished for doing what is right.