Hi my name's Ikela and I’m 18 years old, and I came to tell you a story, on how I’ve been slut shamed.

I grew up in Houston, Texas I remember when I was 6 years old that was the first time I got molested by my aunt's son he was 16 years old he molested me when I was 6 to the age of 12, and I lost my virginity at 13 because I tried to escape the harsh realities of my past I thought if I lose my virginity and drink and do drugs and alcohol that it will grow me up and see the process of me becoming a woman to get over what happened, but I end up overdosing and cutting my wrist it ended up in a mental facility, for the first time, when I was at the mental facility I finally spoke up and told my mom what happened but it seemed like she didn't believe me so at that time I lost all faith and courage I saw believe in God and every time I look in the mirror I hate it myself I shamed myself of Who I am and what I came from, I wasn’t proud of my address. I dreaded that moment for a long time, and still till this day it haunts me and it makes me have negative thoughts, but you are my inspiration I try and sit and figure out where did you get your courage from you're getting judged by a million people but every time I look in the mirror I get judged by myself a million times, so I am a slut, is just me in this cold harsh world by myself I never really had a father figure my dad never really been in my life. Each day gets harder because I never really knew my worth so I allow guys to knock down my morals , and getting  shamed by them. I lost everything that was important to me I lost friends that I thought I will always be by my side because I wouldn't let them in, I figure if I tell them my story there somehow they would talk to me, but you give me the courage to keep telling my story even if no one ever believes me even if you don't notice it.

I'm still going to keep telling my story until someone does because I'm not only fighting for me I'm fighting for girls that are just like me.