My name is Ashton, and I'm a victim.

It started when I was 5, when a boy at school made me touch his penis outside of this pants behind the slide during recess. I've always looked older so I've been cat called by grown men since the age of 10. When I was 14, I was hanging out with my friend at her house, and her older brother decided to have some friends over. One of his friends, Colby, started talking to me, telling me I was so pretty and way too mature to be as young as I was. He was teasing me for drinking Hawaiian punch and not beer like everyone else.

He refilled my cup a few times, then I started to feel dizzy.

I went up to my friends room to lay down, then I heard Colby come in. He say next to me, running my back and asking me if I was ok. Then I saw his friend Paul come in. I heard the door close. Next thing I know, my shirt was up, shorts down, and I felt Colby behind me holding me in some type or wrestling hold, pressing his penis in between my shoulder blades. Paul was on top of me, kissing my neck and sticking his hands between my legs. When he went to go down on me, I kneed him in the forehead. He slapped me, Colby pulled my hair. There was never any penetration. Paul was too drunk, Colby never got a chance before Paul decided he was finished and went back downstairs. Colby stayed, sliding my hands over his penis while keeping two fingers inside me. He kissed my back and ass all over then left. I didn't know what to do, and was trying to wrap my head around what happened. I snuck out and walked home. I never told anyone what happened until I met my sons dad. He told me it was my fault and I deserved it. It made me feel horrible.

We can't keep doing this to victims, telling girls they provoked it by their clothing and telling men they could have fought them off. We need to listen to them, and believe them, and stop asking for receipts.