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Sex Positivity. Rape Culture. Diversity & Inclusion. Digital Activism. Policy + Knowing Your Rights. Gender Inequality. Shaming.


A fireside chat that is edgy, empowering and open!

Where unedited conversation meets education, compassion and a sheer desire to enact change, get ready to strip yourself of judgement and open your minds to embrace candid conversations that will redefine raw transparency.
These events, commissioned by MUVA and the Amber Rose Foundation, were created to address social injustice issues, to embrace those who feel counted out because of their self-expression or shame and to encourage everyone to be OpenED!
These events marry academics and edge! Through powerful panelists, keynote speakers and educational workshops, every participant will walk away feeling empowered, educated and most importantly OPEN to listening to others perspectives on issues that affect us as women today.
These events are like no other. Edgy. Academic. Empowering. OPEN!

In 2017, the OpenED Women’s Conference educated its audience on a variety of topics, and this year, we chose to mobilize our audience. Take a look at the recap from this years OpenED event at USC!

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