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Sex Positivity. Rape Culture.
Diversity & Inclusion.
Gender Inequality. Shaming. 

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OPENed: Women's Conference

Where unedited conversation meets education, compassion and a sheer desire to enact change, get ready to strip yourself of judgment, open your minds to embrace candid conversations that will redefine raw transparency. 

This conference commissioned by Amber Rose and the Amber Rose Foundation was created to address social injustice issues, to embrace those who feel counted out because of their self-expression or shame and to encourage families and businesses to be OPENed!

This conference marries academics and edge! Through powerful panelists, keynote speakers and educational workshops, followed by an awards ceremony, every participant will walk away feeling empowered, educated and most importantly OPEN to listening to others perspectives on issues that affect us as women today. 

The OPENed conference is like no other women’s conference in the world. It’s edgy. It’s academic. It’s empowering. It’s Amber Rose.


Registration Opens August 1. 2017

The Workshops

This dynamic one day conference is designed to equip, encourage and challenge attendees to THRIVE in many aspects of life! Various speakers will educate on topics that fall under our 5 pillars that affect us as women today: Women Empowerment, Diversity and Inclusion, Digital Activism, Financial Literacy, and Entrepreneurship. We invite you to join our diverse panelists and keynote speakers as we discuss these topics and work towards creating a supportive environment for everyone.

Start Stackin' {Financial Literacy}

  • The importance of credit
  • Pay yourself first
  • Who the heck saves? 
  • Get 100

Get Bossy {Entrepreneurship}

  • Obstacles in a male-dominated field (sex discrimination)
  • Women in Hollywood: New business models by women for women

Why You Mad? {Digital Activism}

  • Risks and opportunities
  • A voice online
  • Online civic engagement/ participation  
  • Portrayal of women in the media
  • Internet as a source of empowerment

Shake Things Up {Diversity and Inclusion} 

  • Monoculture/ cultural decay
  • Implications of globalization
  • Social exclusion 
  • Racial tensions
  • How to create a sense of belonging
  • Diversity as a driver of innovation
  • Gender equality
  • Access to resources, rights, opportunities and protections

Luncheon Panel Discussion: Women Empowerment

TOPIC: There is more to the S than Sex

  • Sex positivity
  • Sex education and safer sex
  • Mental/emotional versus physical abuse 
  • Body and mind
  • Slut shaming
  • Body shaming
  • Harassment
  • Public versus online/ internet shaming (internet vigilantism)

Get Involved


We look forward to partnering with national and local businesses to showcase your goods and services while expanding your brand awareness amongst all of the event attendees. 


Showcase your company’s product or services to more than 500 conference participants. As an exhibitor, you will have access to the Amber Rose Foundation’s following, listening and buying power. 


Yup, we're at capacity for the Women's Conference too. Amber's Rosebuds are just too amazing!  Again, follow our social media to be the first to know about any more open calls!


Your support of the Amber Rose SlutWalk Festival is greatly appreciated. This event is hosted by The Amber Rose Foundation, a non-profit organization Amber started to support her core mission of uplifting, empowering and enhancing the platform of women across the globe.