Frequently Asked Questions

Attending ARSW? Make sure you read below and educate yo’ self…


Where is the closest parking located to Pershing Square?

Pershing Square is in the middle of Downtown Los Angeles, with parking surrounding the venue. The parking is very expensive and fills quickly so use of RIDESHARING and PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION is HIGHLY ENCOURAGED.

Where is march check-in/registration located?

March check-in/registration is located on 1st Street between Hill and Broadway Streets.

Where is festival registration/main entrance located?

Festival check-in/registration is located at the corner of 6th and Hill Streets. (*Look for the balloon arch.)

Can I register to attend the event onsite? 

YES! On-site registration is available. Event registration will be divided into two sections: PRE-REGISTERED and ON-SITE REGISTRATION. Head into the ON-SITE REGISTRATION line!

Do I need to bring identification to get into the event? 

Yes! Although the event is open to mature audiences, alcohol is served onsite, therefore identification will be checked for attendees to receive 21+ bands.

Am I allowed to re-enter the event? 

Staying in the venue, and not leaving, after entering is HIGHLY ENCOURAGED. However, if you have to reenter, please check-in with security at the registration area to confirm your ability to reenter.

Are there phone charging stations onsite? 

There will be NO phone charging stations or power outlets available onsite. Bring your portable chargers because you don’t wanna miss out on any of the many, many photo opps!

Will there be food and beverages available for purchase?

Absolutely! From waffles to smoothies to cold rose’, we have your taste buds covered!


What is the dress code?

Come on, really????  THIS IS THE AMBER ROSE SLUTWALK! Are you really asking that question?? It’s your body wear (or don’t wear) whatever you want!

Where will First Aid be located?

The Emergency Staff will have all of your first aid needs and will be located at the venue entrance on 6th and Olive Streets.

Where will Lost & Found be located?

Lost & Found will be located at the event check-in/registration area (6th and Hill Streets).

Is there an image that I can use to spread the word that I’m attending? 

Feel free to repost any image of ours we use on @slutwalk_la. Just please remember to credit our photos!

How can I request press and media access to the event?

Please send your request to cover the event and receive media credentials to:

How can I register to volunteer/intern for future AR Foundation events?

None of the foundation’s events would be possible without the support and time from volunteers and interns. If you are interested in helping, please send your information request to: