Dance Hall Chrissy


Dancehall King Chrissy, Dancer, Performer

Dancehall King Chrissy is more than a social media star, or dancer, he is an entertainer that dedicates his life to making others smile.  It all started with embracing his body, self-love, and confidence.From the walls of his own room in Brooklyn, New York, he remains to do the unthinkable with the love of dancehall music. He continues to shed light on no longer being scared to be yourself and find happiness from within. From going viral on Instagram and Facebook , his goal is to show others that there is simply nothing more to life then to wake up each day and be happy with who you are.

From his dancehall moves to his outrageous outfits, colorful wigs and his bubbly spirit, no one can take their eyes off of how brave and courage’s Chrissy is!  There is simply nothing anybody can say that will stop him from being himself and he hopes to open more doors for many living in fear to be confident and happy with their own body.