Carrie Goldberg, Esq.

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Carrie Goldberg, Esq. is a victims’ rights lawyer in Brooklyn who fights  for victims of online harassment, sexual assault and blackmail. She is most known for work involving revenge porn – representing victims in court, fighting for criminal and civil laws on a local, state and federal level, and agitating major tech companies. Carrie has more K-12 Title IX cases under investigation with the U.S. Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights than any other firm in the country.  Three of those cases are against the NYC Department of Ed which, Carrie argues, demonstrate a pattern of punishing girls of color after they report being sexually assaulted by a peer. Other notable cases include Herrick v Grindr, Jane Does 1-14 v, et al.,  and representation of the victim in US v Juan Thompson. Her first book on defending oneself against pervs, assholes, and psychos is due out next year. A show based on her life and firm is also currently in development.