Anthony Davenport

Anthony Davenport.png

Davenport is a passionate, outspoken credit management activist and one of the most prominent sought after credit experts, financial literacy figures, motivational speakers, television hosts and commentators of our time. Davenport, affectionately known as the “Fixer” is the founder and CEO of Regal Credit Management and has quickly cornered this market through widespread attention of producing astounding results far above his competition.

The financial crisis that hit America had a profound effect on many more than just the homeowners and businesses that faced turmoil and monetary despair; it was the driving force behind Davenport’s career trajectory.

Today, his company, RGM is known as one of Manhattan’s largest credit management firms and has experienced frequent inclusion in a variety of top tier publications. Davenport attributes his growth by not acting that way – he insists on maintaining a laser focus on every client’s needs.

Davenport’s approach to financial planning is all about taking the time to get to know each and every one of his clients. He is known for straightforward communication and hand-holding when credit management and prides himself with making the process simple, effective and life changing.